The William R. Adams Zooarchaeology Laboratory at Indiana University is a research laboratory affiliated with the Anthropology Department on the Bloomington campus.  Located in the lower level of the Student Building, the zooarchaeology lab is a 1,400 square foot facility that includes over 10,000 modern comparative faunal remains and also houses archaeological research projects from the North American Plains.  The lab is directed by Dr. Laura Scheiber, an Associate Professor in the Anthropology department.

Currently, the collection contains approximately over 10,000 catalogue numbers, including 2,993 mammals, 3,634 birds, 1,884 fish, 1,390 reptiles, 229 amphibians, and an uncounted number of invertebrates.  The primate skeletons are housed in the Department of Anthropology’s Human Origins and Primate Evolution Laboratory.  We are currently in the middle of two projects to improve the untility of the lab. The first project is the revitalization of our facilities and the rehousing of our entire collection in curation grade boxes. The second project involves the digitization of some of our specimens and posting them on the lab's sketchfab account.

It is vital to the maintenance of any reference, research, or teaching collection to continually strive to expand the collection and maximize the resources it can provide in the specific area of interest.  This requires the constant accession and preparation of as many species as possible with representatives of a broad range of age, sex, and individual and pathological variations within each species.  Fortunately, at this time we seldom find it necessary to collect specimens from the wild, as we are able to acquire a large number from cooperating departments, other universities, research labs, government entities, hunters and fishermen, zoos, breeders, and roadkills. 

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